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10 Best Torrent Sites To Visit In 2019



10 Best Torrent Sites To Visit In 2019

Are you searching for the best torrent sites to download your favorite torrents? if yes, then you’ve just arrived at the right page. Torrent sites as we all know are being shut down leaving torrenters searching for alternatives. Some of the most popular and well visited torrenting sites of today still go offline due to pressure from authorities over piracy, however, these sites are still able to run and give torrenters hope for torrenting.

Don’t get it wrong, Torrenting is legal but what makes it illegal is when you download unsanctioned copyrighted materials. This is one of the main reasons torrenting over a VPN is recommended so that your ISP and copyright trolls won’t be able to monitor your torrenting activities and not get penalized.

Some of the reasons you may want to torrent is the ability to download a very large amount of file over any kind of network whether fast or slow. When downloading torrents, you don’t have to worry over broken downloads or failed downloads, even if your pc accidentally shuts down during a download, you can easily continue the download and get the complete file you were downloading.

Without further ado, lets see some of the most popular torrenting sites.

10 Best Torrent Sites 2019

If you’re new to torrenting, you probably should read more about downloading torrents before visiting any of the sites below. You can find some details about torrenting here and here.

The most popular torrent sites of 2019 include;

1 – The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been dubbed the king of torrent websites. If you’ve been into torrenting long enough, you’ll discover that the Pirate Bay is undoubtedly the best torrent site. It is also the first torrent website to survive a massive torrent ban.

The Pirate Bay offers a pretty simple interface and you can find almost everything on the site ranging from movies (new and old), TV Shows, Web Series, Games, Softwares, and even video tutorials to learn anything and a lot more.

2 – 1337X

1337x is another popular torrent site, it has been able to maintain its stable presence for years now despite ISP blockades in several countries. 1337x has as a dedicated group of uploaders that provide fresh content constantly and the site keeps growing.

It has a beautiful user interface and even offers a chat feature for members. You should check it out

3 – LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is another great torrent website and of the best. it is well known for its list of verified torrents. The site interface is simple and amazing. LimeTorrents face several blocking but still, it doesn’t stop providing high-quality materials. it is a very good torrent site, you should visit it.

4 – YTM.AM

If you’re a movie lover and searching for a torrent site primarily focused on High-quality movies, YTS is your best choice. YTS is well know for its high-quality video library and its user interface is simply awesome. it is one of the best torrent sites for torrenting videos.

5 – EZTV

Just as you can spot in the name, EZTV is primarily focused on TV series and doesn’t offer any other category of torrents. The interface looks old too but it offers high quality videos for every TV series.

You can find any TV series on EZTV whether new or old and their torrents are verified. Interestingly you can also stream each movie episodes directly from the site if you wish not to download.

EZTV is one of the most popular torrent sites and one of the best torrent site to stream Tv series. Visit the site today.

6 – Zooqle

Zooqle is one of the most popular torrent site that heavily focuses on the video content. The great thing about Zooqle is that it uploads TV series, books, apps and games which YTS doesn’t because it focuses on movies alone. Zooqle is a great site to torrent movies and the design is smooth.


RARBG is another torrent site that specializes in video contents while offering other torrents like games, software, music, etc. One thing I really like about this site is the trending box office and entertainment news the site constantly updates. So, while searching for your favourite movie, you’ll also get trending news to read.

Although RARBG interfaces looks outdated, it video contents are usually of high-quality and it’s one of the video torrenting sites.

8 – TorrentDownloads

This is another great site and one of the best torrent sites you can visit. It has a large database of torrent files and the user interface is outstanding.

If you like site with beautiful design, then you may want to visit torrentdownloads for your torrenting.

9 – TorLock

TorLock is another popular torrent site on the list, it is known for its massive database of torrent files. Just like the Pirate Bay, you can find almost everything on TorLock.

The user-interface looks amazing, and it lists the most popular and newly added torrent content right on the homepage. TorLock claims that it only has verified torrents, this means you’ll have no problem downloading torrents from the site. However, I do advice to use a VPN for any torrenting task.

10 – NYAA.SI

If you’re into Anime series, then is a great torrent site to look. The site is well known for adding anime series, you’ll also find games and software on this site as well as books. The site was suspended by Cloudflare last year but found a suitable alternative soon after. check it out

So, these are the 10 best torrent sites for 2019 which you can visit right now. If you know any other torrenting sites like these, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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