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8 New Movie And TV Trailers to Watch This Week



8 New Movie And TV Trailers to Watch This Week

The Corona-virus pandemic has forced many movies and TV series expected in early and mid 2020 to be postponed to fall 2020 and some extended until 2021. Some movies, however, has been released and new movie trailers keep dropping every week.

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It is impossible to see all the millions of movie trailers that drops every week and that is why I have put together a list of some of the most exciting movie trailers you can can watch this week.

Judas and The Black Messiah

An upcoming American biographical drama movie that tells a story of the leader of the Black Panther Party in Illinois who was killed by police in 1969. The movie is based on a true story and the trailer reveals the energy of an action thriller.

Expected Release: Next Year


This is a story of two con artists who spent 26 years training their only daughter how to swindle, scam and steal. They encountered a stranger during a desperate and hastily conceived heist which they then charm into joining then, only to have their entire world turned upside down.

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Expected Release: in September 18th

Raised by Wolves

This a sci-fi HBO Max series which combines far-out tech, fantasy ideas and a little mix of horror. The show is about two androids assigned to raise human children on a new planet, where things inevitably go awry.

Expected release: September 3rd (first episode).

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

This is an American psychological horror movie about a woman who goes to visit her boyfriend’s parents during a snowstorm and seems to end up slipping through the past of those around her.

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Expected Release: September 4

We Are Who We Are

An upcoming American drama limited television series created by Luca Guadagnino for HBO and Sky Atlantic. A coming-of-age story set in an army base in Italy, the series follows two American 14-year-olds named Fraser Wilson and Caitlin Harper.

Small Axe

Small Axe is an upcoming British-American anthology drama series based on a true life story, created and directed by Steve McQueen. The movie stars Letitia Wright who also co-starred in the Black Panther movie as Shuri the Black Panthers sister.

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The movie is set to premiere on BBC One and Amazon Prime Video and the first three episodes will open the 58th New York Film Festival on September 25, 2020.


Based on the 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kese, Nurse Ratched, a young nurse at a mental institution becomes jaded and bitter before turning into a full-fledged monster to her patients.

Expected Release: September 18


Zola is a 2020 American comedy-drama film directed by Janicza Bravo the movie that tells a real-life story about two stripper based on a viral Twitter thread from 2015. “You wanna hear a story about how me and this b***h here fell out?” Zola says in the trailer. “It’s kinda long, but it’s full of suspense.”

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Expected Release: N/A

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