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Networkedpoint is created to share online business tips ranging from SEO to make money online. NP is owned by Adewale Mudasiru who already owns a blog ( where he talks about Android basically and tech news but he wants to also help other bloggers grow and make some cool cash online.

That’s why he has created Networked point to share some great ideas with blogger and non-bloggers to make some cool cash online without overworking their themselves. You’ll learn not only how to make money online, but also how to become a boss of your own doing things you have passion for and sharing them online.

Along the way, you may also find interesting technology news and gadget reviews. Although he already writes about latest technology on his other blog, it only covers a few areas and he intends to cover a lot more on Networked point.

You’ll find affiliate links on this site and other advertising services which is the source of income for this blog. This site will also collect some user data but it’ll never be disclosed for any so-called reason. Read more about data collection here.

The goal of this site is basically to guide people on how to make it online and I hope we’ll all achieve that. Find me on Facebook @Mudasiru.wale, Twitter @OlaniyiWhale.

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