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App Development : How Business Owners Can Use Mobile Apps to Their Advantage



app development

The internet is one of the best innovations that permit business owners to offer efficient and exceptional services. Business owners can effectively target their audience properly with the use of the internet. They can also advertise and expand their products and services promptly. Majority of businesses rely on app development (mobile apps) to strengthen the internal affairs as well as communication with its potential customers.

How Business Users Can Use App Development (Mobile Apps) to Their Advantage

Presently, the improving technology has provided another alternative (mobile apps) for business owners to benefit. Mobile app development offered by professional has helped a lot of businesses to have access to improved features from the internet.

Mobile apps have become popular among business owners. Apart from helping the developers to make more money when creating them, it also provides a secure means for business owners to communicate with their customers and to make sure they are updated with any latest information. App development also provides many benefits for business as listed below:

Real-time data

App development helps business owners to achieve real-time data like photos, numbers, signatures, GPS location and text. As a result of this, all the office tasks can be accomplished on time. Achieving real-time data enables business owners to make superior decisions for their business.

Ease in communicating

Most of the businesses use websites to communicate with their clients. Indeed, this method is reliable and efficient.  Also, mobile apps are more convenient because you will have access to share your personal business information anytime the needs arise with the use of your mobile phone.


Many online sites are mobile-based used to communicate with mobile users. Sadly, most times the loading time can be slow, and it can affect the credibility of your website. Using apps, it is easier to connect with users. Not to mention, mobile apps that are more user-friendly.

Quick means of buying for clients

Most clients usually purchase online due to work and other obligations at home. Potential buyers typically visit websites to check business products and services. This means of purchasing has become faster using mobile apps. When you install apps on your mobile phone, you can buy items more efficiently.

Improved profits

Websites are expensive to maintain, and it can affect your earnings. However, app development is not expensive and very simple to maintain. As a result of this, you can gain additional profits to make your business more reliable and reputable. Also, end-users will have easy access to your business information through media files, videos, catalogs, and other online services.

The mobile app also helps business owners to work offline. This will synchronize your background data automatically and store it on the devices. This will also help your clients to have an easy time accessing the app without connectivity. The data can also be cloud stored to avoid loss of data.


With all these benefits, business owners can develop their reputation and profits that will make their business grow. App development is the starting point of moving your business closer to your clients. To make this possible, you can employ many marketing strategies to promote the app. Mobile apps also help to develop a long-term relationship with your clients.




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App development

Epic Games CEO Calls Google ‘Irresponsible’




Epic games CEO - Fornite

Fortnite arrived on the Android Platform a few weeks ago and the company decided to not feature their app in the Google play in other to save some irrelevant expansive that will be charged while in the Play store with the aim of growing its gaming community. Now, however, the tech giant Google has raised serious security issues with the app itself which has led to a controversy between the two company, resulting to Epic games CEO calling Google irresponsible.

Epic Games CEO Calls Google ‘Irresponsible’

Google discovered a security flaw in the Fortnite game but this flaw seems to only affect Samsung’s smartphones that have this game installed.

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We all know Fortnite is the trending battle royale game of the moment, but again, Epic Game choices for its distribution isn’t advisable. Placing app outside Google Play Store forces players to open the doors to installing software from external sources, which is not advisable.

According to the search giant, after a thorough evaluation of Fortnite installer, they results shows that the app can be bypassed and used to install fake and external applications.

However, Epic Games countered the security flaw quickly as soon as it was discovered, but Google had already published the report and made Epic game’s CEO to come out to tell Google that it should have waited and announced the failure only after they had it fixed.

While we understand Epic games reason for not putting the Fortnite app on Google Play Store, many will still criticize this choice because it opens the door for some security problems.

Even after the Fortnite installer problem has been resolved, the CEO of Epic Games came out to criticize the tech giant publicly via Twitter and called it “irresponsible” for the position it took in disclosing the failure with the app in such a short period of time.

Epic games CEO, Tim Sweeney said they hastened to correct the flaw immediately it was detected and provided an update to fix it, and although they tried to have the fault retained for some time so that the fix would have reached many users but the tech giant refused and blew the whistle.

According to Tim Sweeney, Google had created unnecessary risk by publicizing the security flaw in other to gain points from public opinion, thus reinforcing that Fortnite should have been released by the Google Play Store and not independently, as it turned out to be.

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Instagram Launches IGTV to Rival Popular Streaming Website Youtube





Facebook’s social network of photography Instagram at an event held in San Fran Fransisco revealed IGTV, a TV application linked to Instagram, offering possibilities of playing videos in vertical format and full-screen content of the social network itself.

Instagram Launches IGTV, A New TV Application

With this new app, Instagram seems to be ready to go head to head with popular streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo etc. IGTV allows users to upload videos up to one hour, up from the one minute limit.

Also, the launch of the new product was used to announce the social networks current figure. Instagram has reached a total of 1 billion users.

The new TV app is designed for use in Androids and iOS smartphones, which is why vertical videos have been used in full screen. In the meantime, IGTV will not serve ads, but Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO explained that they would try to introduce a means to monetize the platform to pay off the creators of IGTV Videos for their hard work.

Instagram describes the TV app as a traditional TV, it starts playing as soon as you open the app and you don’t have to search to start streaming content from people you already follow on Instagram and others you might like based on your interests. You can also switch between “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching” tabs and also like, comment and send videos to friends in Direct.

The IGTV app is available for download in Google Playstore and iTunes. So, what do you think  of the new app?

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