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Apple Is Offering Free, Personal Training To Teach Photo Editing



Apple Photos Free Training

If you’ve always wanted to get better using the Apple Photos app then this might just be the right time to start learning to use the app as the tech giant Apple has decided to offer free personal (one on one) training on its photo editing app.

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Apple Photos Free Training

While I don’t need to tell the Apple users what Apple Photos is, some of the Android users might be wondering whether this is a photoshop alternative or Corel Draw.

Just like we have the Google Photos on Android, Apple also has Apple Photos which is also a photo management and editing application.

Apple has created a new page on its support website to offer a personalized and free training for editing photos with its Photo app.

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All you need to do is visit the new Apple support page and register for a 30-minutes session with one of the Apple’s Photos expert. According to Apple, the one-to-one session will cover how to edit your own pictures using all editing tool offered in the Photos app and is tailored to your skill level and moreover, this session is only available in the United States.

Apple also plans to make this free session interesting by offering training over a phone call.

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However, users need to be running the companys latest OS version (whether iOS or MacOS) to benefit from the free training session. So make sure you’re running the updated version of iOS on your iPad/iPhone and the latest macOS version on Mac and learn to become a pro photo editor with Apple Photos.

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