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Beware! ‘Tenet’ Torrent You’re Trying To Download Could Empty Your Bank Account



Tenet Kristofer Nolan Movie

Christopher Nolan’s long awaited movie “Tenet” has officially launched internationally and has already generated a whopping $53 million debut despite the ongoing pandemic.

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Tenet which had longed been labelled as the film that would restart movie going after prolonged cinema closures, had the strongest start in the United Kingdom, where it made $7.1 million, $6.7 million in France, $5.1 million in Korea and $4.2 million in Germany. Tenet will touch down in the U.S., Russia and China this weekend.

As expected, the new Warner Bros title has been a trending search on Google and torrent sites. A lot of people are trying to download the movie which isn’t available online yet but torrent uploaders are making the most of it by tricking users into downloading fake torrent files.

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Tenet Kristofer Nolan Movie

If you’re one of those searching for Tenet torrent magnet to download and watch, you should be very careful and not download fake torrents that can drop malware on your device and empty your bank account. At the moment, there is no ‘real’ Tenet torrent available to download.

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According to Torrent Freak, some guys tried downloading a Tenet torrent from Pirate Bay and ended up with a 700MB file. The file showed a still image asking people to go through the ReadMe file and install a codec required to play the video.

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The ReadMe text then directed them to a suspicious website that required credit card details for “verification purposes”. At that point, it was obvious that the torrent uploader(s) was trying to dupe them.

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