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7 Best Free Netflix Alternatives To Check Out



7 Best Free Netflix Alternatives To Check Out 2

Are you looking for free Netflix alternatives to stream movies?

Netflix has proven itself to be one of the most popular video streaming services on the Internet, and with good reason:

  • It has an extensive library of shows and movies that you can access anywhere in the world.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s reasonably priced.

As the most popular media streaming service, Netflix has revolutionized how people watch their favourite shows and movies. However, not everyone can afford Netflix’s monthly subscription fee, especially if they’re on a budget like students or new parents struggling to make ends meet each month.

Thankfully, there are many free Netflix alternatives that won’t cost you anything but will still give you plenty of great entertainment to binge-watch in your free time! Below, we’ve listed the 7 best free Netflix alternatives around. Check them out! You won’t be disappointed!

List of Best Free Netflix Alternatives

Free Netflix Alternatives
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Crackle is undoubtedly one of the best movie streaming sites like Netflix that is available for free. Compared to Netflix, it has fewer features and movie collections; however, you’ll find many original titles and series worth your time.

To get access to this free service, you need to register for an account, it is completely free. It doesn’t have a premium membership fee but you’ll find display ads while navigating the site and watching videos.


Tubitv is another free movie streaming site where you can watch unlimited videos from different categories. Unlike crackle, however, Tubitv offers a movie category for kids, which includes some popular anime titles like Naruto, HunterXHunter, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and more.

Tubitv gives you access to live news from ABC News, NBC News, Bloomberg TV, and other popular media. Like crackle, you’ll find ads on tubitv, and you need to be a registered user to enjoy all the free services. Tubitv also offers mobile apps for different platforms, including iOS, Android, Roku and Amazon fire, that you can download from their respective store.

3. Popcornflix

If you’re looking for a Netflix alternative that’s free and doesn’t require you to signup before you can watch movies, then, Popcornflix is a great option.

You can stream Documentaries, comedy, TV shows, and lots more without monthly or yearly charges. While you’ll find many interesting movies to watch on this platform, its movie collection is fewer than crackle and tubitv.

4. YouTube

YouTube is arguably the best free video streaming website worldwide and one of the best free Netflix alternatives. While many people only go to YouTube to learn, find solutions to a problem, and gain information about new trends, you can also stream movies for free on the platform.

YouTube movie library houses both free and paid movies, plus, there are several channels on YouTube that have legal licenses to publish movies on the platform. One of such is the Muse Asia channel where you can watch some popular and new Anime series like Spy X Family for free.

Although you can watch movies free on YouTube, some channels are geo-restricted and you will need a good VPN to access their contents for free.

5. Pluto TV

Pluto Tv is another popular Netflix alternative that you want to check out. It has a huge movie library containing modern, classic, Kids, anime, and lots more. On top of all the goodies, it has a built-in live TV that shuffles movies from all categories and you don’t even need to signup for an account to enjoy this free service.

Pluto Tv offers desktop and mobile apps that you can use to access the service for free. Personally, I recommend that you give it a try.

6. Classiccinemaonline

If you’re looking for a movie streaming website to find classic movies, classiccinemaonline is one of the best free available options. Unlike other free Netflix alternatives we’ve covered, classiccinemaonline focuses solely on classic titles, and you won’t find any modern movies on it.

So, if you’re looking for some of your favorite classics to watch again, you can try classiccinemaonline.

7. ConTv

ConTv is another streaming website like Netflix that offers free streaming services. While you can stream video content for free on this platform, the contents are limited. However, you can access more content by opting for their paid subscription.

Aside from that, you’ll get access to free comics and live Tv.

Other Free Netflix Alternatives to consider are:

Paid NetFlix Alternatives:

Here are some other premium movie apps and websites like Netflix for paid streaming.

1. Hulu

If you’re looking for a movie streaming app like Netflix that offers a great selection of TV shows, then Hulu is a good option for you. Hulu has a wide variety of both classic and current TV shows, as well as some movies. Plus, with a Hulu subscription, you can also add on premium channels like HBO or Showtime.


Pureflix offers different movies focusing on “family-friendly and wholesome entertainment for all ages”.

The company currently shares mostly Christian-based movies and TV shows and currently provides access to over 2,000 titles. For their subscription price ($7.99 per month or $69.99 annually), you can stream on up to 6 devices simultaneously.

3. Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best streaming platforms like Netflix, it has a huge library of original shows and also offers a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. It’s an affordable way to watch your favourite movies and TV shows, and you can rent or buy new releases. Prime Video offers an ad-free experience so that you can watch your shows without commercials.

4. HBO Max

HBO Max is another popular Netflix competitor that looks to shake things up with original content and a user-friendly interface. You’ll find many hit movies on this platform, comedy, drama, and other entertaining content all for an affordable price.

Other paid Video Streaming websites like Netflix to consider:

Wrapping Up: Best Free Netflix Alternatives

There are several free alternatives to Netflix out there that you can try. Crackle is a great option for movies and TV shows, with a large selection of classics and new releases. Pluto TV offers over 100 live TV channels, including sports, news, and more.

Like I said earlier, many other movie streaming sites like Netflix aren’t listed here. If you have tested and used any of them, kindly share them with us in the comment section.

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