How To Download Windows 10 Official ISO File Without Any App

If you’ve been searching for how to download Windows 10 iso image in order to make a bootable media for your laptop or PC, then you’re in the right place.

Windows 10 is the latest Windows Operating System from Microsoft and it contains loads of interesting new features and performance tweaks to give your laptop/PC the boost it needs to run smoothly.

Windows 10 first made public debut 29 July 2015 and since then it has been receiving major updates that have boosted the OS and kept it more secured for users. If you’re still running on the older Windows version, you might want to switch to Windows 10 now because Windows 10 is focused more on security and performance.

There are several ways you can download Windows iso, but in this guide, I’ll be sharing the easiest guide on how to download windows 10 iso.

How to download Windows 10 official iso file

The most common method of downloading the Windows 10 iso image is via the Windows Media creation tool. But, do you know you can easily download any Windows OS iso file with your smartphone from Microsoft website without using any windows app?

Downloading Windows iso file with your smartphone is a lot easier and faster, compared to when you’re downloading via Windows media creation tool or with any other third-party software.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the simple steps on how to download Windows 10 iso file

Steps to download Windows 10 iso file

Since many of us would also like to download using our PC, I’ll be sharing how you can use this same method to download on your PC.

Step 1. Launch Chrome browser or any browser on your smartphone.

Step 2. Visit Microsoft software download page in your browser.

Step 3. On the download page, tap the select edition option to select the version of Windows 10 you want to download and click confirm.

Step 4. Once you tap the confirm button, your request will be validated and then you’ll have another option appear to select your product language.

Select your preferred language and tap the confirm button to proceed

Step 5. After selecting your preferred language, you’ll be taking to the download page where you’ll have to select the Windows 10 OS to download according to your PCs architecture.

If your PC is 64bit then select 64bit and if your PC is 32bit (86bit), select 32bit and your download will begin immediately.

[su_box title=”Important notice” style=”soft” box_color=”#676767″]Every download link generated on the download page is valid for only 24hrs. So, if you did not complete your download before 24hrs, you’ll have to start your download all over.[/su_box]

For does who would like to download with their PCs, you must have a browser like Opera, Chrome, Firefox or any other browser that allows the use of plugins or extension.

I’m using Chrome for my download, but the process is the same for all other browsers.

Step 1. First off, visit Chrome web store and Install user-agent switcher extension on your browser.

[appbox chromewebstore djflhoibgkdhkhhcedjiklpkjnoahfmg]

Step 2. Once user-agent switcher is installed, Click on the icon on your browser and select iOS or Android.

If you selected Android, just select any Android version on the next page and that’s all.

What User-agent actually does is that, it tells your browser that you’re browsing with a smartphone and not a PC.

How To Download Windows 10 Official ISO File Without Any App
Windows 10 download – Without user-agent switcher
How To Download Windows 10 Official ISO File Without Any App
Windows 10 download – With user-agent switcher

When you visit Microsoft software download page, instead for seeing an option to download the media creation tool to download your OS, the page will be rendered in mobile view, so you can easily proceed with the steps i already explained earlier.

That’s it, now you’ve learnt how to download Windows 10 iso file without media creation tool or another third party app.

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Adewale Mudasiru
Adewale Mudasiru
Adewale Mudasiru is the founder and CEO of networked point.

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