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How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook Easily



How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook Easily

If you’ve landed on this page, then it means your website URL was blocked on Facebook. In this articles I’ll be sharing with you how to unblock website URL on Facebook easily in just a few steps.

Facebook for some reasons has been blocking site URLs, even when it hasn’t violated the company’s policy.

It’s not like Facebook doesn’t like your URL or Facebook blocked it intentionally, no, you and I should understand well that a company that big uses an automated system to monitor activities on its platform and your URL been blocked could probably be a mistake or you’ve posted some things against Facebook standards.

If your URL has been blocked on Facebook, it automatically blocks you on Instagram as well. Not being able to share your website URL/blog post can be such a drag especially when Facebook contributes a lot to your site traffic.

Reasons Facebook Blocks Website URL

There’s a number of reasons why Facebook may have blocked your sites URL. Generally, Facebook blocks any sites that goes against its standards and one can’t possibly know the whole Facebook standards, However some of the common reason that may have lead to your site been blocked are;

  1. Content: We all know this is one of the primary reasons any sites URl can get blocked on Facebook, you should be mindful of the kind of content you share on Facebook and also read Facebook page policy to understand more
  2. Spamming: If you constantly spam groups on Facebook with your URL, you could get blocked. I know a lot of new bloggers that does this with the hope of getting website traffic but really Facebook doesn’t like it and may recognize this activity as suspicious.
  3. Plugins: Although I haven’t actually, come across any case of such, but really i wouldn’t know it if was a plugin or not, however, the Facebook plugins you might have added to your site may have cause some issues with my blogs, so you shouldn’t just use any plugin for your site.
  4. Mistake: Yes, your site URL may have been blocked by mistake. According to one of the Facebook support team I chatted with when my site URL was blocked, he said after investigating my site URL, they found out my URL was flagged by mistake.

There are several other possible reasons aside the ones above that may lead to a site URL been blocked on Facebook, just like I have mentioned earlier, you can possibly know the whole Facebook standards, some you’ll reading the sites usage policy and some you won’t.

Without further ado, let’s jump in straight to how to unblock website URL on Facebook.

How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook

1. First off, Log in to your Facebook account using a web browser then visit Facebook’s business page .

2. On the support page, Click on the support tab

How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook Easily

3. On the support page, scroll down to find the additional support option. Click on get started

How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook Easily

4. You should then be redirected to another page containing all the aspect you can possibly get support for on Facebook. Now select Business pages

How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook Easily

5. On the business page support, you’ll find several options available to make changes to your page. Underneath all this option, you’ll find a live chat and email feature which you can use to contact Facebook’s support team directly and complain about whatever is wrong with your page.

How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook Easily

6. The live chat option has been grayed out as you can see in the screenshot above, and to be reopened at 7:00AM for my time zone. This simply tells you that the live chat support isn’t 24/7, they work from 7am – 5am working days only.

Which ever option you choose to use you’ll get the same result. But, I’ll be using the email support for this guide.

7. Now on the next page, fill out your account information correctly and in the last two option you’ll be asked to provide the subject of your inquiry? and explain what you need help with.

How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook Easily
How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook Easily

8. Once you’re through filling the support form, simply hit the Email support button to complete your request and wait a few minute/hours for a support member chat you up.

The support team will investigate your URL to make sure it doesn’t go against Facebook standards and afterward unblock it if it your URL was blocked by mistake.

Below are the screenshots of the sites I have unblocked on Facebook.

How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook Easily 2
How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook Easily 3

For those of you who are unable to use the support feature, simply chat me up on Facebook @Mudasiru Adewale to help you with the whole unblock process for a token.

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Adewale Mudasiru is the founder and CEO of networked point.


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