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Lenovo’s First Foldable Smartphone Leaked In A Video



Lenovo’s First Foldable Smartphone Leaked In A Video

There has been news and rumors of different manufactures regarding foldable smartphones in progress, while there has been no official announcement from any of these manufacturers. According to the latest reports, the well-known Chinese manufacturer is reportedly working on its very own foldable smartphone.

Lenovo’s First Foldable Smartphone Leaked 

Technology keeps advancing and introducing new innovation to the world. There was a time where 3/4 inch displays were all that matters, keypads phone, ranging from flip to sliding phones and now full touchscreen phones. A lot of other development you’re aware of and some you probably haven’t heard.

I guess some (if not all) of us already heard reports of the South Korean tech giant, of course, Samsung working on a rumors Galaxy F foldable smartphone. Even though this development seems to grab so much attention, one particular question keeps rising among smartphone users, why do we need a foldable smartphone?

Lenovo already announced its intention towards making a folding phone back in 2016. However, we haven’t gotten to see one from the tech giant.

The leak suggests this smartphone will be wearable like a bracelet around the arm which is totally different from the concept South Koreans tech giant Samsung.  While wearing them as a bracelet may look awkward, the device will also be linked to other health science techs as we’ve seen on smartwatches.

In a short video shared by bang_gogo via the popular social networking platform, Twitter,  it shows what the folding phone looks like.

In the video, the screen of the folding phone doesn’t seem to look like a glass, but we can’t say for sure.

At the moment, there are no details of the specs, however, the device is expected to be announced officially by the end of this year, and probably see the models available at the beginning of next year, but its success remains questionable.

So, what do you think of this? Share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.



This Tor-enabled SIM Card Will Keep You Anonymous On Mobile Networks



This Tor-enabled SIM Card Will Keep You Anonymous On Mobile Networks 1

Total Online privacy is something many are wanting but only close to none are getting, this will be changing as a UK company will be launching a Tor-enabled sim card soon.

Tor-enabled SIM Card is coming 2019

Until now, total online privacy has only been available for web surfing and it either requires an installation of a third party software, paying for a VPN(Virtual Private Network) or doing a series of configuration. After doing all this complete privacy is expected but not gotten because ISP and VPN providers still manage to put users under surveillance and invade privacies.

This is issue prompt Brass Horn, a UK based company to design a Tor-enabled sim card, Tor on its own is one of the ways to stay anonymous online and to access onion websites popularly known as dark-web. This Tor-enabled sim card requires no configurations to use reason been all configuration has been hard-coded into it, although the user still as to create an access point.

The Founder of Brass Horn, Llewellyn told Motherboard that is organization is “about sticking a middle finger up to mobile filtering, mass surveillance.” meaning his organization will be blessing UK residence with a close to perfect online privacy including anonymously facebook, twitter and several other social media that seems impossible to stay anonymous on.

Llewellyn will also be putting effort into building more nodes to improve Tor’s anonymity and also increasing its speed which is annoyingly slow irrespective on the ISP. This Tor-enabled sim card will also be providing protection to users should in case the user connect to Wi-Fi and also if users private IP was leaked, it will ensure it traces back to neither the user nor Brass Horn has its ISP, a beta test of this sim-card has already been released and it only available to Android users.

It was said that when the alpha version of this Tor-enabled sim card is released, it will have Orbot an android version of the Tor browser. It was also said that this sim-card will be costing 2.0GBP per month and 0.025 per megabyte transferred over the network and payment method will be via credit cards or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero, or Zcash.

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Google Launches AI Based API To Identify Child Sexual Abuse Material



Google Launches AI Based API

In todays world, the internet as we all know is flooded with child sex abuse contents and every tech company has taking it a priority to weed out such contents before it is visible to users.

In other to tackle this and automate the process of removing unwanted contents, the search giant, of course has launched an AI-powered API that will help in identifying child sexual abuse material (CSAM). This new developnent will not only speed up the process but also prevent human reviewers’ exposure to the illegal and disturbing contents.

Google AI Based API

Until now, the approach that have been adopted by the companies to track such content is by matching the suspected images with the previously flagged content. But the new AI-based API works by using deep neural networks for scanning image processing. The API would prioritize CSAM content for review leading to a quicker review process.

According to Google, this new tool would allow companies to identify and report 700% more CSAM content as compared to the content evaluated by a human reviewer.

Google has also made the new API available for corporate patners without any charges and non-governmental organizations through Google’s Content Safety programming kit.

However, this move comes as the internet giant faces growing heat over its role in helping offenders spread CSAM across the web. Also, Last week, U.K. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt critized the search giant over its plans to re-enter China with a censored search engine while Google has reportedly refused to help remove child abuse content elsewhere in the world.

Since every tech companies is already taking leverage of AI, the tool will come handy and help reduce offensive materials ranging from nudity to abusive comments.

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