These Google Assistant New Features Will Blow Your Mind

Search giant Google announced a couple of impressive new features at the annual developer conference to its Smart AI ‘Google Assistant’. Assistant will be capable of doing some really interesting things which would really help individuals, businesses etc.

4 New Things Google Assistant Can Do

Google I/0 2018 already revealed some new features about the next OS version, Android 9, which could possibly be called Android Pie, following the way the search giant names their OS after snacks. Even, it was announced at the conference that Popular American artiste John Legend will be available as one of the voices of Google Assistant. Now, back to the 4 new things Assistant can do

1. Personal Phone Calls

Google Assistant now has the ability to make phone calls for you, cool isn’t it?. This new feature will give Assistant the ability to book appointments and carry out a conversation whenever the situation arises. The assistant will be able to interact as naturally as a human being that the receiver o the other line doesn’t know they are not speaking to a real person. Watch the above video and see Google’s CEO talk about this cool feature.

2. Continued Conversations

Before now, we can only start a conversation using the keyword ‘Hey Google’, but now, Google Assistant received another new feature they are calling continued conversations. This feature allows users to have natural conversations without having to use the keywords “Hey Google” to begin a new question. This feature gives you a more natural conversation until the very end.

3. Google Maps – Location

These Google Assistant New Features Will Blow Your Mind 1

Google Maps is now combining the power of your camera, street view and maps to improve street walking navigation and also help you find a location easily. Finding your current location or getting suggestions nearby on Google Assistant will be simple and easy.

Also, Google is introducing VPS (visual positioning system) to help carry out the now abilities of location since the GPS alone won’t be powerful enough to make this reality. The VPS is a system that can estimate precisely, a position and orientation so that finding a place won’t be hard.

4. Friendly Reminders

These Google Assistant New Features Will Blow Your Mind 2

Friendly reminder seems to be one of the best features Google has integrated into its Assistant. This new feature gives Google Assistant the ability to remember pretty much everything you have said. Google Assistant will attempt to help you plan out your week by giving you friendly reminders for breaks, meetings and other routines.

What is your view on this update, share with us in the comments.

Adewale Mudasiru
Adewale Mudasiru
Adewale Mudasiru is the founder and CEO of networked point.

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