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Watch DStv Premium Free For all Subscribers This Weekend
Watch DSTV Premium Free

Watch DStv Premium Free For all Subscribers This Weekend 

Are you a DSTV subscriber? whether a compact subscriber, compact plus subscribers, family or access subscriber, you all will enjoy DStv Premium service this coming weekend 13-15 of March 2020.

In order to make subscribers use the DSTV Now free streaming service. DStv Now is an online version of the DSTV and comes with all the channels on the decoder, only that this time you don’t have to be at home to enjoy your favourite channel.

With DStv Now, user can simply enjoy their favourite channels right from there smartphones, Tablet, laptops, SmartTV, computer or Xbox.

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DStv EasyView subscribers, however, are not included in this limited promotion that will be taking place over the weekend.

For a subscriber to be able to watch any DStv channel they desire, subscribers will have to sign up and also have access to the internet to Livestream the channels on the DStv Now app or site (Android or iOS).

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MultiChoice plans to introduce an as-yet-unnamed streaming version of its DStv service similar to DStv Now, that will be a so-called “dishless DStv version“, soon. It was announced last year and now, it is undergoing a series of test.

The DStv Now Open Weekend will be MultiChoice‘s first public test for 2020 to determine whether its servers can now handle the influx of multiple DStv subscribers logging in and using its streaming platform to deliver a large number of concurrent live streams.

In other words, you’ll be able to access all DStv content this weekend including all sports channels using DStv Now (either through the app or online).

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